Ron Sanchez
The one constant since the inception of Donovan’s Brain has been instigator, Ron Sanchez. The Donovan’s Brain universe has expanded to include a star cluster of talent. The current recording group is staffed by Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and Bobby Sutliff (The Windbreakers), bassist Tom Stevens (Long Ryders), drummer Ric Parnell (Spinal Tap, Atomic Rooster), and Scott Sutherland (Model Rockets), Kris Wilkinson-Hughes (Cicero Buck) and Matt Piucci (Rain Parade). Over the past 28 years, Donovan’s Brain has been joined in the studio and on stage by many of our friends: Jason Lytle, The Young Fresh Fellows, and members of The Posies, Help Yourself, Man, The Idle Race, Plummet Airlines, and the Nomads. Donovan’s Brain also serve as the Career Records house band, having recorded with Deniz Tek, Angie Pepper, Roy Loney, The Plaintiffs, Penny Ikinger and Richard Booth.

This Montana based recording workshop was formed as a reply to the “anyone can start a band” philosophy found in the mid 80’s local Bozeman music scene. Donovan’s Brain first entered your consciousness in 1994 when they appeared on the premier edition of the Hit The Hay compilations. The path the band has followed over the next two decades has been as complex and unexpected, much like the modern psychedelic sounds they create.

Fires Which Burnt Brightly, the sixth full album from Donovan’s Brain, was released on October 20, 2009. You can read reviews here

A trip around this site will reveal some of the answers you might be looking for about Donovan’s Brain. If you landed here looking to purchase any Donovan’s Brain music, the Discography Pages now have a link to the Career Shop, the best place to buy all the Brain CD and vinyl releases. You will find links to iTunes and CD Baby when you arrive at the store. You might want to visit the Career Records site for news and updates about the Donovan’s Brain and all Career artists and our friends…

tape reel
Heirloom Varieties is now arriving in shops around the world. The vinyl release is expected on October 23rd. The new album has got radio play in the US and Australia.

Meanwhile Bobby Sutliff and Ron Sanchez have been exchanging new musical ideas. Future plans include an album of new material and another archival release. An album of material recorded with Richard Treece and Dave Walker between 1998 and 2000 will be prepared while work on a new album continues.

Heirloom Varieties is now available at The Career Records Shop. The 14 song CD is shipping now. The 11 song vinyl edition will be in stock on October 23. You can pre-order now. Heirloom Varieties is the ninth full length Donovan’s Brain album and the sixth for Career Records.

Ken Shimamoto has published the first review of the album on his Stash Dauber blog. The new album has also had airplay in Australia and The US.

Richard Treece 1949 - 2015
Richard Treece, longtime Brain associate, passed away on May 26th at his home in London.

Richard joined Donovan’s Brain in 1996 after the collapse of the Brain MK2. Richard and Ken Whaley stepped in to salvage the sessions which became Eclipse And Drebris.

He would also contribute to the next three albums Tiny Crustacean Light Show, The Great Leap Forward and A Defeat Of Echoes.

Heirloom Varieties
Work on the follow up to Turned Up Later is now complete. The vinyl version has been sent off to press. Fourteen songs have been recorded with everyone contributing to the songwriting. Matt Piucci will again apprear on with the Brain. Deniz Tek has also contributed gutiar on two songs. Our newest member Kris Wilkinson-Hughes added some very important vocal parts as we were mixing.

You can expect to see the album and CD at the beginning of October.

Shambaholic and Other Love Songs
A limited edition release of the restored 1994 Shambaholic album is now shipping. This is the first of a planned series of releases from the vast archive of unheard Brain matter.

Shambaholic is not a new Donovan’s Brain album. The fact that it is finally being released 20 years to the day after it was completed is purely coincidental. Shambaholic might have been the first Brain album, if the band were not so prolific. In the end the album was broken up into smaller pieces and most of it appeared on various Donovan’s Brain releases.

You can read more about it here.

Nomads vs. Donovan's Brain
A split EP with The Nomads is also now available from Career Records.

The Brain are heard performing a new song, Bread Man Burning, and Snow In Miami which was was recorded in 1998 for Tiny Crustacean Light Show but never used.

The Nomads cover the unreleased Donovan’s Brain hot rod instrumental No Cops, Haul Ass.

Turned Up Later
The 2013 album of new material is titled Turned Up Later. It is released as a 12 song CD and a 13 song extended album.

You can read about the three years making of this new album on the History Page.

A video preview can be seen here.

Work on the follow up has already begun.

The Brain can also be heard on the Dwight Twilley Tribute album Twilley Won’t Mind, released in July 2014. .