Up To Me Down To YouHeirloom Varieties (2015)

Let It GoHeirloom Varieties (2015)

Make A Noise QuietlyShambaholic and Other Love Songs (2014)

Holly GreenShambaholic and Other Love Songs (2014)

As the Crows FlyTurned Up Later (2013)

Small CirclesTurned Up Later (2013)

Manager Of TimeTurned Up Later (2013)

In Seach Of Connie CompanionTurned Up Later (2013)

Broken Glass CornerFires Which Burnt Brightly (2009)

Penny For Your ThoughtsA Defeat Of Echoes (2005)

Crystal PalaceThe Great Leap Forward (2003)

All Fall DownThe Great Leap Forward (2003)

Following OrdersThe Great Leap Forward (2003)

Ocean Of StormsThe Great Leap Forward (2003)

Tiny Crustacean Light ShowTiny Crustacean Light Show (2000)

House Of Edward DevotionTiny Crustacean Light Show (2000)

Don’t Thank MeTiny Crustacean Light Show (2000)

Love ReturnedTiny Crustacean Light Show (2000)

Pollyanna DisillusionedEclipse And Debris (1999)

Still Waiting, Still DreamingEclipse And Debris (1999)

Moon Shines (The Story Of The Sticks)Eclipse And Debris (1999)

Tad’s New Cymbal StandCarelessly Restored Art (1998)