Nobody Does That Anymore
1. Paper Pilots Pushing

02. Scram The Reactor

03. Hey Bobby!

04. Ghosts

05. Unreal

Adjust The Vertical Hold
06. Sunset Heart
07. Stranger In The Light Of Day
08. How To Leave Connecticut
09. Mirror Pieces

10. Stay Strong

If You Can Find The Way

11. Stinging

12. Spent All Her Time

13. An Echo Of Apology

14. Head Hits The Table Hard

15. The Drumshanbo

Fire Printing was mostly recorded in the Fall of 2022 and through 2023. Two songs are considerably older. She Spent All Her Time was written around 2005. An early version was meant to be a part of a long piece that included The Overture (aka After The Main Sequence) The suite idea was abandoned and the song was never completed. It appears a new version was recorded with Ric Parnell in June 2019. This new version was shelved and forgotten about until work on album 16 began. Joe Adragna was asked to sing on this one for the album. At that point Ron Sanchez inventoried all the unused tracks in the library. What was found were several songs recorded for Sandbox Shadows and abandoned.

Scott’s song How To Leave Connecticut was finished, it just didn’t find a place on an album until now. The song which became Mirror Pieces had gone through three previous revisions, none of which were satisfactory. This one was handed off to Tony Miller to see if he had something to add to it. He wrote new words and melody. The backing track was reworked to better fit the new idea. Joe Adragna added guitars to finish off the song. Scram The Reactor was written just after Sandbox was completed. This one and Head Hits The Table Hard were on the short list for Faith In Failure, but didn’t make the ten song cut.

Paper Pilots Pushing dates back to the early Sandbox sessions. It was completed and set to be the opening track on Faith In Failure. When the final mixes were reviewed it was decided that this one wasn’t ready for release. It got a fairly major rebuild with Deniz Tek adding guitars.

When Ric Parnell joined us in 2010, we realized his talents and tried to make the most of his time with us. There was also the matter of having plenty of songs for a sessions. A few of the songs were never completed. The ideas never fully blossomed. Rather than discard these drum tracks, new songs were written over the existing drums. Often radically rearranged. The parts were solid and could be used as building blocks for new arrangements. Stinging and Ghosts are two of these salvaged songs. Three others were attempted, but weren’t far enough along to be considered for the album.

These are the notes I made while mixing the album. This is the order it was mixed in.

Words – Music: Sanchez
Recorded: 4.30.19
March 4. 2020 drums
Edited March 2023
Additional Recoding March, October 2023
Mixed October 23. 2023

Ric – dums
Ron- vcl, gtr, bass, keys: pro, org, synths

Paper Pilots Pushing
Words – Music: Sanchez
Recorded: 5.22.20
Recorded: 10.10.20 drums
Mixed Oct 24, 2023

Ric – drums, perf
Deniz – Ac, slide, solo
Ron 12 string, atmosphere gtr, strings, synths, bass, vocals

Words Music Sutherland
Recorded 9.30.21
Drums 10.30.21
Joe 8.14+23.23
Mix 10,28.23

Ric – drums
Scott -guitars, bass, vocals
Joe – eBow, vocals
Ron – e-piano, oran, mellotron

The Drumhambo
Words and Music Joe Adranga
Joe – Drums, bass, guitars
Ron – guitar

Mirror Pieces
Music Ron’
Words Tony Miller

Mixed 11. 11 and 12 2023
Ric – drums
Ron – guitars, bass, piano, organ, synths
Tony – vocals
Joe – 12 string

How To Leave Connecticut
Words and Music Scott Sutherland

Mixed 11.15.23
Ric – drums
Scott – vocals, bass, guitars
Ron – slide guitar, piano, organ, mellotron 7.

Words and Music Ron Sanchez
Ric – drums
Joe A – bass, fox guitar
Ron – Piano, guitar, synths, organ, guitars

basic 3.25.12
drums recorded 7.7.12
Remake 6.30.13
Remake 2 2.24.22
Mixed 11.17-18.23

Music and Words Scott Sutherland
Joe A drums, bass, bgv
Scott Sutherland – guitars, vocals

She Spent All Her Days
Words and Music Ron

Mixed by Joe A

Ric – drums
Joe A – vocals
Ron – guitar, piano, organ, bass, synths, mellotron

Head Hits The Table Hard

Scott Sutherland

mixed 11.20.23

Ric – drums, percussion
Scott – vocals, guitar, bass
Ron – organ

Sunset Heart

Joe Adragna

Mixed 11.25, 26.23

Joe – vocals, drums, bass, guitars
Ron – 12 string, organ, Mellotron

Stay Strong

Scott Sutherland

Mixed 11.27.23

Scott – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard
Joe drums, bgv
Ron – mellotron, piano

Hey Bobby!
Words – Ron Sanchez Music – Scott McCaiughey

mixed 12.28.23

Joe A – drums bass
Scott McCaughey – piano vocals
Ron Sanchez – slide guitars, organ
Kris Hughes – harmony

Stranger In The Light Of Day
Ron Sanchez

mixed 12.31.23
remix 1.2.24

Joe A – drums
Ron – vocals, guitars, synth, organ
Joe Hughs – bass
Kris Hughes – harmony

Echo Of Apology

Mixed Feb 6 2024

Ron – vocals, synths, guitar