Heirloom Varieties
1. Brighten Up Shop (Sanchez – Sutherland)
2. Houseboy (Sutliff)
3. May 2012 (Sutliff)
4. Up To You Down To Me (Sutherland)
5. It Wasn’t My Idea (Sutliff)
6. Great Divide (Sutliff)
7. Scant Informationy (Sanchez)8. Wedding Bell Ring (Sutliff)
9. Selfish Modern (Sanchez)
10. Long Time Ago (Sutliff)
11. Let If Go (Sutliff)
12. Lightning Life (Sanchez)
13. Light In Your Window (Sutherland)
14. Sailing To The Edge (Parnell – Sanchez – Stevens)

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The Songs

1. Brighten Up Shop (words and music: Sanchez | additional words: Sutherland)

Tom – bass
Ric – drums, percussion
Ron – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Scott- harmony vocals, lap steel, banjo

Inspired by a sign spotted in an alley in Great Falls while walking back from breakfast. The first draft of this one was done in the style of the Idle Race. In the end it got the full on Paul McCartney treatment. Scott changed some of the lyrics, so he gets a co-write credit. He also added the very important lap steel.

2. House Boy (words and music: Sutliff)

Bobby – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, solo
Ric – drums
Tom – bass
Ron – electric rhythm guitar
Kris – voice

Bobby’s songs usually are delivered fully realized. After some discussion, this one was redone at a brisker tempo.

3. Saw It Coming (words and music: Sutliff)

Bobby – guitars, vocal, first solo
Ron – counter melody guitar
Ric – drums
Tom – bass
Deniz – second guitar solo

This song had the working title May 2012. It was the last song Bobby wrote before his accident. It would be nearly a year before we were able to work on this one. Bobby had two requirements. One, that it stay sparse, no keyboards, no extra vocals. The second request was that Deniz play the long end solo. It was only when the final track list for the album was drawn up that the song was given a proper title.

4. Up To Me Down To You (words and music: Sutherland)

Scott – vocal, guitars
Ric – drums,
Ron – organ, mellotron, guitar solo
Tom – bass
Kris – background and harmony vocals

Scott submitted four songs for the album. Two were set aside for the next one due to the already full running order. Any of the four would have been a strong addition to Heirloom Varieties. The guitar solo was added in the mixing stage as were Kris’ backing vocals.

5. Great Divide (words and music: Sutliff)

Bobby – vocals, guitars, organ, solo
Ron – guitar
Ric – drums
Tom – bass

Another of Bobby’s songs which was cut during the Turned Up Later sessions. Kris’ vocals were an important addition. A great up tempo tune, with a quote from Bobby Fuller at the end.

6. Long Time Ago (words and music: Sutliff)

Bobby – vocals, organ, guitars, guitar solo
Ron – piano, ghost guitar
Ric – drums
Tom – bass

Probably written and recorded during the Turned Up Later sessions. Piano, Ron’s guitar and bass were added more recently.

7. Scant Information (words and music: Sanchez)

Ron – guitar, vocals, synth, mellotron
Ric – drums
Tom – bass
Scott – 12 string guitar

The last song written and recorded for the album. This is another Shambahoic song. It fits in well with Bobby’s divorce album theme.

8. Wedding Bell Ring (words and music: Sutliff)

Bobby – vocals, guitars
Ron – first guitar solo, organ
Ric – drums
Tom – bass
Scott – harmony vocals
Matt – end solo

Bobby sent over this song which he said he’d had for a while. A stand out track on the record. Classic Sutliff. The long end section was held for Matt Piucci to solo over.

9. Selfish Modern (words and music: Sanchez)

Ron – vocals, wah wah guitar
Tom – bass, acoustic guitar
Ric – drums
Deniz – lead guitar
Kris – vocals, space whispers

Held over from the Turned Up Later sessions. This was nearly released on a single with either Take Me With You or Bread Man Burning. This was an attempt to write a Yardbirds-like social commentary. Again, Kris’ vocals were a great addition.

10. It Wasn’t My Idea (words and music: Sutliff)

Bobby – vocals, guitars, 12 string solo, mellotron
Ron – guitars, mellotron
Ric – drums
Tom – bass

It seems that Bobby sent over the demo for this song before his accident. It was rediscovered when reviewing the archive for potential songs for the new album. Bobby plays a stunning solo on this one.

11. Let It Go (music: Sutliff)

Bobby – guitars, guitar solo
Ron – main theme guitar
Ric – drums
Scott – 12 string
Tom – bass

This may have been an idea submitted for Turned Up Later. It was lacking lyrics, so it was put on the shelf. It resurfaced during the mixing sessions. Bob claimed he hadn’t written words. It was suggested this might work as a guitar instrumental. The main theme and a new bass part were added. At this point, Bobby found an older demo with vocals. It was his decision to proceed with the instrumental approach. This is Bobby, Ron and Scott channeling Fleetwood Mac circa 1969.

12. Lightning Life (words and music: Sanchez)

Ron – vocals, guitars, slide guitar, organ, mellotron
Bobby – acoustic rhythm, 12 string solo
Tom – bass
Ric – drums

Written at the end of the Turned Up Later sessions, but never considered for the album. At one point it was the opening song on the album track list. As the album revealed itself during the mix it was determined it would work better as part of the heavy end suite.

13. Light In Your Window (words and music: Sutherland)

Scott – vocals, guitars, synth, organ
Ron – guitar, piano, synth, mellotron
Ric – drums
Tom – bass, backwards guitar solo

Scott’s second contribution and a very Brain-like song indeed. It seems to predate his joining Donovan’s Brain.

14. Sailing Off The Edge (words: Stevens music: sanchez forward motion: Parnell)

Ron – wah wah guitar, 12 string, piano, organ, mellotron
Matt – solo guitar
Ric – drums
Tom – bass, vocals, tremolo guitar

The first song Ric recorded with Donovan’s Brain in 2010. It was complete except for lyrics and the solo guitar. Tom accepted the challenge and agreed to have a go at lyrics and lead vocal. Matt’s involvement on the album was confirmed in 2013 and this was to be one of the songs he’d play on. An important Rain Parade gig meant this was one of the last songs completed for Heirloom Varieties. The album ends of a heavy note with the longest track.