Donovan’s Brain – Two Suns Two Shadows
01. Eden Pariah
02. Dolly Jim
03. A Trip With Auntie
04. Telegraph Ave
05. Secret Society
06. Rice Paper Kite
07. Alternative To Me
08. Broken Staircase/Crumbling Walls
09. Born With Two Shadows
10. Ministry Of False Alarms

Donovan’s Brain – Sandbox Dispatches
01. Failure To Achieve
02. River Of Tears
03. Attic Experience
04. Changing Textures
05. Fired From The Circus
06. Lime Twist
07. My Baby
08. The Inquisitor
09. Time Flowing Backwards
10. Silent Voices

Two new albums in a deluxe CD package, out now.

The results of a most prolific four year period for Donovan’s Brain.

Sandbox Shadows delivers two hemispheres of Donovan’s Brain. Twenty new songs are cut from the same psychedelic cloth. Sandbox Dispatches and Two Suns Two Shadows are two distinct new albums. Guitar driven with lush arrangements.

Donovan’s Brain albums twelve and thirteen explore the paths laid out on Burnt Trees In The Snow, their 2019 Australian split album release.

Two Suns Two Shadows steps through the looking glass to visit the inhabitants of the land of the Brain. The menacing Eden Pariah sets the mood. Is she a crazy girlfriend or a serial killer? The Ministery Of False Alarms brings you to athe unsettling conclusion that fear and paranoia are a way of life.

Sandbox Dispatches is a tale of broken trust and faith told in ten chapters. River Of Tears is the centerpiece describing a damaged relationship as a natural disaster. The Inquisitor is filled with the screams of the conquerors and the vanquished echoing across a jungle valley.

Donovan’s Brain are producer Ron Sanchez, Bobby Sutliff (Windbreakers), Ric Parnell (Spinal Tap), Tom Stevens (Long Ryders), Scott Sutherland (Model Rockets), Kris Hughes (My Girl The River), Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), with Matt Piucci (Rain Parade), Jim Dickson (New Christs), Joe Hughes (My Girl the River), Peter Holsapple (dBs) and John Goodsall (Brand X). This diverse group come together with a unified musical vision that is Donovan’s Brain.

The two albums of Sandbox Shadows are wrapped in a 15”x15” poster sleeve delivered in a custom slipcover.