Where Did This All Come From?

Ron Sanchez bottom left 1966

The twenty-five year history of Donovan’s Brain is more complicated than the music the bands makes. No one is really sure how many members the band has seen come and go at a sometimes alarming rate. These days, the line up is a bit more stable, and the band seems to keep adding members as they go. The phases of the band are closely linked to the various recording projects. Donovan’s Brain is an open song writing forum so many voices are heard over the years. These pages will lead you through the various states of the Brain. The Discography section runs parallel to the History department. For reviews and comments about the various releases you’ll want to check the Discography. The mp3s found on these pages will help illustrate the musical progression of the band and its many members.

Sewing The Seeds

Sewing The SeedsAfter an initial handful of shows with the original four piece Brain line up, there was a period where current and future members performed under several names, but generally traveling a path set by Donovan’s Brain. Continue Reading

Shambaholic Years

Shambaholic YearsThe second Donovan’s Brain line up followed a long period of solitary studio experimentation. This four years of wood shedding laid much of the ground work for all that was to follow. The collapse of this band marked the beginning of a future which saw the band recognized for its original sound. Swedish, German and US releases establish the bands growing reputation. Continue Reading

Eclipse Watching

Eclipse WatchingIn which Donovan’s Brain explodes on stage, temporarily relocate to London, regroup and complete what is intended to be their debut album with the famous Ken Stringfelllow behind the board. Record deals are made and then broken. The band’s intended debut becomes their second major release. Undeterred, Donovan’s presses onward. Thing get ugly, then just silly. It all works out in the end. Continue Reading

Another Light Show

Another Light ShowA most productive and creative period sees a major shift in the Brain’s fortunes. By the time the dust has cleared, the better part of two albums have been recorded in a marathon string of sessions that find the Brain in the company of some heavy friends. A makeshift version of the band debut in London. Continue Reading

One Small Leap

One Small LeapA new Donovan’s Brain proves to be the answer. The four core members are joined by Richard Treece to complete the follow up to Tiny Crustacean Light Show, and travel out to the coast for a major performance. The resulting album is considered by many to be the best one yet. After a short break, the band returns to the studio to begin work on the next album and more. Continue Reading

Echo Intensity

Echo IntensityJust a few weeks after completing The Great Leap Forward, the band returned to the studio and began work on the expansive double album that would be called A Defeat Of Echoes. The goal was to create a self contained album, solely the work of the four principal members. This time around, Colter and Jeff would prove to be the major songwriters. Deniz Tek and Richard Treece would again be a presence. The arrival of Bobby Sutliff would point towards the future look of the band Continue Reading

The Lost Weekend

The Lost WeekendThe long gap between the release of A Defeat Of Echoes and the follow up might appear to be a time of inactivity, but nothing could be further from the truth. The main Brain related project during this time was the soundtrack for Keith Lockwood’s documentary, Where The Djs Roam. Donovan’s Brain contributed some new original pieces. Several other tracks were the work of the Armchair Explorers, a long running Brain offshoot. Listen to the sound track and Continue Reading.

Burning Bright

Burning BrightlyDonovan’s Brain have been back in the studio working on their sixth album, Fires Which Burnt Brightly. Bobby Sutliff is now a full time participant and Deniz has taken a commanding role in the proceedings. Fifteen new songs created in the minds of Sanchez, Langan, Tek, and Sutliff; alone and in various combinations can only mean a new standard in psych experiments. Released in the Fall of 2009.

By the end of the year, work had begun on the follow up. It’s too soon to call it anything, but you can read about it under “Something New”. Continue Reading

Something New

Something NewThe seventh installment from Donovan’s Brain began with a series of sessions in the summer of 2010. It quickly became evident that the addition of Ric Parnell to the group would greatly expand the possibilities. Eighteen months of non stop writing and recording has yielded enough material for four albums. Deniz Tek joined in the fun and started work on his solo album at the same time. Bobby Sutliff has taken up the challenge and contributed extensivly to the new record. Tony Miller has returned in as a fully accredited member as has Scott Sutherland. Continue Reading