1. I Hear You (Wilkinson-Hughes)
2. My Baby (Sanchez)
3. A Trip With Auntie (Sanchez)
4. Quiet Voices (Sanchez)
5. Kelp Whip (Sutherland)
6. Alternative To Me (Sutherland)
7. Broken Ladder (Sanchez)
8. Changing Textues (Sanchez)
9. Harvest Zoo Fireplace (Sanchz)
10. Eden Pariah (Sanchez)
11. Ministry Of False Alarms (Sanchez)
12. River Of Tears (Sutliff/Sanchez/Hughes)
13. Lemon Twist (Sanchez)
14. Old Cat (Sanchez)
15. Sad Eyes (Hayes)
16. Dolly Jim (Sutherland)

8 September 2015

The machine never rests.

Discussions about the next album have already begun. New song ideas are starting to come together and unfinished tracks from the last two album will be reviewed. Serious work will commence in January 2016.

29 February 2016

Much to our surprise, Heirloom Varieties has continued to get good press and radio play around the world. Dee Jays in Spain have taken to our record and its been in high rotation on Radio 3 and the Plastic Elastico show. A very good review appeared recently on site. This continued activity has meant more time dedicated to promotion.

The new year has finally seen some activity in the studio. One new song has been written and demoed. Work on one of the two covers we plan to record has finally reached the stage that the band can now start adding to the basic track. Ric and I did the drum track while working on Heirloom. It was set aside for later. Later is now. Tom Steven’s commitment to the just released Long Ryders box set and tour will keep him busy for the first part of the year. This should allow the rest of us to start collecting new material.

Meanwhile work on the second archive release has begun. Three songs have been mixed. This is just exploratory at this point. Making sure all the material is usable. The new box set will focus on the period from 1994 up to 2010. There is over an hour of unreleased recordings with Richard Treece. Dave Walker appears on some of these tracks. No release date has been set. A new album is the priority.

1 July 2017

The 17 months since the last entry reflects the full recording schedule that occupied the time.

Work on the new Brain album resumed in earnest in the summer of 2016. Ric Parnell brought his old band mate John Goodsall around to add guitar to a pair of songs. Ministry Of False Alarms was on the short list for Heirloom Varieties, but was lacking the end solo. John did the work on this puzzle. He also played on an instrumental experiment YMG. Following this session, several new ideas were recorded including Bass Lick, A Trip With Auntie, Lemon Twist and My Baby. Lyrics for Changing Textures were also written in this period.

Work on the box set officially began on September 1st. An full inventory of the tape vaults turned up several surprises. The original plan was for a two disc set. One disc would feature Richard Treece and the second would be comprised of film music. It was soon discovered there was two hours of Treece material to consider. There were a few songs which had never been finished and several in need of repair before they could be mixed. It was decided to use the original mixes for two of the compilation tracks and several of the film tracks. Four album tracks were remixed for the set. The new mix of To One Who Waits restores the vocal track which was not used on the original mix. Joey’s In The Pouch was mixed twice, each with previously unheard Richard Treece guitar tracks.

When Richard Treece visited in the summer of 1999 he brought with him the song Brave New Girl. It would take 18 years to complete this epic performance. Ric had added drums several years ago, but the song was still lacking organ and bass. Tom Stevens was more than happy to work up a bass part to replace the one on the demo track Malcolm Morley had given us. Then there was the matter of sorting out the six guitar tracks Richard had recorded. It took several days to map out the elaborate arrangement. The results are a stand out track on the set.

Just after the mixes for the box were completed, Deniz asked Ron to join up on the east coast for three warm up gigs prior to the European tour. Ron would fill the keyboard position for the show. Deniz was pleased with the result, so you can expect to see Ron on future North American gigs. The front line with Keith Streng will be gathering at GLEA in August to begin work on Deniz’s new album. Ric Parnell and Bob Brown will be called in to supply the engine.

Back in Bozeman, Ric was called in to add drums to several new songs. Changing Textures was written a few days before the session. The results were deemed satisfactory and Ric was sent home with the demos for Deniz’s album. The momentum continued and two more songs were written and recorded. Another idea has been demoed. Scott Sutherland has offered up three new songs as well. Writing will continue while work on the box set release is carried out. All a very active time for Donovan’s Brain. Expect the new album in Fall 2018.

8 August 2017

Drums will be added to five new songs next week. A day will be dedicated to Brain material after work on Deniz Tek’s album is completed.

Ron has completed three new pieces Old Cats, Silent Voices and Harvest Zoo Fireplace. Another long instrumental Theme For A Secret Place will be set aside for future use.

River Of Tears is a collaboration between Kris Hughes, Ron and Bobby Sutliff. The main riff is of Bob’s which dates back several years. Kris and Ron had written the lyrics and worked out the two voice arrangement.

Scott Sutherland has offered up three news songs. Dolly Jim will be the first to attend to.

The goal is to collect enough material for two albums before moving to the finish stage.